H201Da - SRW Specifications - Residential Applications

This course provides an overview on the parts that create a contract for non-engineered/licensor provided design segmental retaining wall (SRW) systems in a residential setting.  In addition, this course overviews material standards and construction criteria that a landscape contractor should be cognizant of during the preconstruction, construction, and post construction phases of a non-engineered SRW or a licensor’s provided design SRW. In this presentation, a non-engineered SRW and licensor provided design SRW is a system in which a design from a licensed design professional is not required in order for construction of the wall to begin.

This module is NOT registered for credits through AIA/CES

(H201a – 34 slides – NOT AIA/CES Registered)

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the necessary components and details for a residential SRW contract
  • Become familiar with the standards and expected quality associated with each material in an SRW system
  • Become familiar with the expected responsibilities of the contractor
  • Become aware of the criteria that should be met prior to, during, and after the construction of an SRW system

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