C204Da - Grouting Concrete Masonry Assemblies

This presentation addresses the requirements and procedures of grouting concrete masonry wall systems per the I-Codes and the Masonry Standards Joint Committee (MSJC). It includes material, inspection, testing, and placement requirements.

C204a– 55 slides – 1 hr. LU/HSW)

In this presentation you will learn:

•            ASTM and Code requirements for masonry grout materials.

•            The difference between self-consolidating grout and conventional grout per code.

•            The inspection and testing requirements for grout for concrete masonry as required by the building code

•            Placement requirements for grout for concrete masonry per code.

Keywords: admixtures, aggregates, cleanouts, consolidation, demonstration panel, grout for concrete masonry, grouting, lift height, pour height, puddling, reinforced concrete masonry, self-consolidating grout, slump, testing

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Price: $25.00