C303 - Thermal Performance Introduction

Increased energy efficiency in both new and existing construction is continuing to play a larger factor behind the design decisions we make and materials we choose to integrate into our buildings. This presentation introduces the basics of energy efficient design using concrete masonry construction. The concepts of thermal mass, insulation strategies, thermal bridging, code compliance options, and control of air infiltration/exfiltration are reviewed.

(1 hr. LU/HSW)

Learning objectives

  1. The role of thermal mass in building design, increased energy efficiency, and enhanced occupant comfort.

  2. The role R-values play in the design of building envelopes and code compliance.

  3. Understanding and applying the design options for compliance with the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

  4. Methods and detailing for the control of air infiltration and exfiltration for increased energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Keywords:  concrete masonry, thermal mass, energy efficiency, R-values, U-factors, design resources, insulation, thermal bridging, air leakage, energy use, ASHRAE, International Energy Conservation Code

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